Mock Interview Reflection 2017

  1. I thought interviewing my classmate was a little weird. Like I couldn’t take it that seriously. I think it helped my speaking skills buts its most likely not how a real interview is gonna be. I think from the employer perspective it help me see what he has to think about during an interview.
  2. I felt nothing when being interviewed because i knew it was fake and that I wasnt applying for a real job. If i felt anything it would just be nervous because I barely talk to the person that interviewed me.
  3. I think the responses to the questions where real and that is what i would actually respond to a real employer. I found the what do you like to be easy and i thought what are your faults the hardest to figure out.
  4. I would say to speak up, dont be nervous and to keep your cool.
  5. I learned a little about what to do like to always shake his/her hand and to speak nice an clear.
  6. I think the class activity was good because it put you in the spot to answer the question honestly.
  7. How do you feel about working with others and as part of a team?——- I think its good to work as a team so you can get the job done faster and better.

ISIS weapons being captured by Canadian woman working to disarm terrorists

This article is about Isis and there personal. It describes what happens to weapons when they are captured from Isis. Most of the weaponry is studied and analyzed by different people. They have found lots of different things including an armored suicide car, lots of Ak-47 assault rifles that are the most common in that area, a tunnel digger and a lot more. When analyzing the weaponry, they found out the Ak-47 assault rifles are from Russian from the 1970’s which is the most common gun for terrorists. The tunnel digger found confirms that Isis is digging tunnels under Mosul. This supports the reasoning behind the M.O.A.B dropped. Also found was old Nazi ammunition and weapons. This can be believed that Isis is using old weapons from the Nazi time period. Lastly, lots and lots of bombs, homemade bombs, IEDs and mortars where found. I believe this article is neutral because it is just giving information instead of trying to get a the reader to believe there side of the story. With this information, think about about Isis and there potential dangerous arsenal and how does that make you feel. This information about Isis’s arsenal can give us a better understanding on the threat level of ISIS.

ISIS weapons 3

Armored suicide bombing car

ISIS weapons 7

Ak-47 assault rifle found

ISIS weapons 5

Homemade bombs made by ISIS

EduBlog Challenge 5 Family & Culture

My family is very close and we have done a lot of stuff together. My family came form a lot of parts of Europe like Slovenia, Slovakia, Germany, Ireland, etc. We have a lot of traditions that evolved from my European decent. For example, I eat a lot of pork and pot roast because that was a big food where my family came from. Another tradition is celebrating Christmas together. We do a lot of things together, we have gone on fishing trips, canoe trips, camping and even on vacation to Michigan with my uncles and his family. With my immediate family we have gone to many of cool places including Hawaii, The Grand Canyon and Yellow stone just to name a few. Besides Christmas, we usually have grill outs and stuff like that for other summer holidays like the 4th. Last summer My dad, brother and uncles went on a fishing trip and caught and ate over 150 fish. these are some of the things that I do with my family. They are and will always be very special with me.

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Edu Blog Challenge 2: Comments

There are a lot of rights and wrongs when commenting on things on the internet. You should always comment in a respectful way. When responding to someone publicly, don’t be rude or snotty even if you don’t agree with the post. Treat the person like you would want to be treated.

Top 10 things you should never post:

  1. Inappropriate jokes
  2. Death treats
  3. Black mail
  4. Nude photos
  5. Graphic material
  6. Racist comments/jokes
  7. Profanity
  8. Gang related materials
  9. Suicidal images or thoughts
  10. Violent material.

Top 10 things you should know before commenting:

  1. Know if the post is legit of fake
  2. Will your comment hurt the persons feelings
  3. Will you regret posting the comment
  4. Is the comment racist
  5. Is the comment beneficial to the post
  6. Will this comment offend someone
  7. Does the comment contain black mail
  8. Will this comment possibly start a comment fight
  9. Do you really need to comment on this post
  10. Are you just commenting to make someone feel bad

Black History Month.

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Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix was an African American guitarist who was around in the 60’s. He is most famous for his amazing and outrageous guitar playing and his singing. He is considered the best guitar player ever.  He had many hits which include Hey Joe, Purple Haze, Voodoo Child and All Along the Watch Tower. He is also very popular because of his performance at Wood Stock in 1969 where he played the star spangled banner with his twist of amazing guitar playing. This was a big eye opener for people because it showed how amazing at guitar he was. His playing innovated future bands in the future. He sadly died in 1970 because of his drug use. Jimi Hendrix is a great representative of black history month because he was the best guitar player ever. He was important to the black community because it showed it didn’t matter what color you are to be the greatest especially since he was around the time of post segregation where people still could have been segregated or hated. He also was a good example to future guitar players to innovate their playing. What I mean is he showed that doing something different could be a good thing. Jimi Hendrix will always be the best guitarist because of his innovated way of playing the guitar.

Info was from:

^^^^^ Listen to these and your ears will melt in amazement ^^^^^

Super Bowl Commercials 2017 and Rhetorical Situation

We Accept by Airnb

  1. The purpose of this video was to show that Airnb accepts everyone and doesn’t care who you are, where you come from etc. I also think this commercial was to show to people that we need to accept everyone.
  2. this commercial showed these things by showing all different kinds of people. They had white, black, Hispanic, Asian, Arab etc. They included both young and old They also had text saying positive things about acceptance.
  3. I would say the shock was good because it told people to accept everyone by kind of forcing people to watch since it was the super bowl.


World of Tanks

  1. The purpose of this commercial was to make promoting their game funny. they had a fake little house and people were looking to buy it but then a tank comes out of no where and destroys it. The commercial is kind of mindless but its just to get the point across that tanks are cool so you should play the game.
  2. The commercial showed its message by destroying the little house and then at then end had an explosion transition and showed the title of the game and small details.
  3. I think the shock value was good for this one because it kind of started out like a normal comercial then all of a sudden a tank destroys the house.


Turbo Tax and Humpty Dumpty

  1. The purpose of this commercial was to make a funny commercial that would get peoples attention while promoting turbo tax and how you can use it on your phone and anywhere.
  2. This commercial showed the message of it by making a humpty dumpty story where he falls of the wall like usual but this time he was doing his taxes on the wall. It is supposed to show that with turbo tax, you can do your taxes anywhere.
  3. 3. I would say the shock for this commercial is good for this one two because it was pretty funny in my opinion and because the first scene was humpty on the ground all crushed.


Mrs. Blake’s Speech Competition Rehearsal Reflection

When watching the monaloge about the sandy hook shootings, the girls tone she used I thought was really good. She used a quiet tone to show the lady sadness and loudness to show anger. She used saddened facial expressions that really made the scene more emotional. the story was very engaging because of the sensitive topic she was talking about. There where some moments where it was helpful bring the audience back in when she did the angry yelling parts. I think she succeed very well in delving he message of sorrow and hurt. My advise would be to keep on the speech team because she was really good.

Concealed Carry


In recent discussions of gun control and concealed carry, a controversial issue has been whether

guns and concealed carry help protect people or guns make society more dangerous and can lead to more murders. .  

On the one hand, some argue that concealed guns will cause more violence than good.  

From this perspective, guns will only cause more harm than good and should only be issued to police or other higher powers because they more qualified to possess a firearm in some people’s eyes..

On the other hand, however, others argue that concealed carry can help protect people and could potentially stop mass killings before they become a mass killing.  In the words of one of this views

main supporters, “As school shootings have mounted across the country, so has debate over how best to prevent the next slaughter. Some see the solution in tougher gun laws, while others believe the answer lies with more guns in properly trained hands.” (Kelly 1).

According to this view, schools and teachers should be armed with guns to try to prevent another school massacre.  In sum, then, the issue is whether

concealed weapons and save people and prevent massacres or that it just causes more violence and more death.

My own view is that concealed carry helps protect people and does not cause the type of violence people talk about.  Though

I concede that concealed carry should be greatly regulated and that background checks and things like that should be implemented to better ensure safety., I still

maintain that responsible, good people that have a concealed firearm make society safer.

For example, someone with concealed carry can stop an active shooter which can decrease the amount lives lost.

Although some might object that a person with concealed carry can start a shooting or massacre,

I reply that if the government does mental tests, background checks and more for a person about to get a concealed carry card or FOB card, the odds of that happening are slim.
The issue is important because there is a lot of people blaming guns for killing people when really, people kill people, not guns.


Some questions:

  1. Do you agree with concealed carry why or why not?
  2. Do you have any sources, websites or other useful things I could use for my research paper?
  3. How do you think I can improve my argument?

Death Penalty

The death penalty isn’t used in every state. According to this poll from, a lot of people want the death penalty. 71% of people are for the death penalty and only 29% are against it. A lot of the responses said things like only people with big crimes like murder, terrorists and child molesters should get the penalty, no doubt about it.  On the other side of the argument, people say that we shouldn’t kill, but instead direct them in a better direction. For example a rehabilitation center to try to make them better people. In Illinois, the poll results are basically the same with 69% for it and 31% against. Some more arguments for it are letting the family decide weather they should die or spend the rest of there life rotting away in a prison. Some more arguments against it is that to many people are innocently convicted. Another is that being in a prison is a harsher sentence then death. Another against argument is that killing is killing, even if the state does it or in other words killing is just as much of a crime when the state does it.  Another argument is that you should get 3 chances before you are put to death. Another against is that make them work rather kill them or just having them sit in prison, make them do something.  Those are some of the biggest points about this issue.

Play-Doh Creation: Pasta

For the Play-Doh creation activity, I tried to make a bowl of pasta. I tried to make the noodles by rolling little chunks of the doh. I made the bowl by making it flat then molding it on the container I came in.  I made a bowl of pasta because I love pasta and it is by far one of my favorite foods. Pasta is important to me because I have been eating it since I was little. When I was young and didn’t like alot of foods that I like now, I would always eat the pasta. I like spaghetti with marinara sauce, mac n cheese, mostaccioli, rigatoni and fettuccine alfredo. Pasta is important to me because I have been eating it since I was little. An other item someone made was a pizza. That made sense since she loves pizza. Another was a cross. This also makes sense since he has a strong belief in his faith. This project can be compared to the writing process. For example, first I had to brainstorm ideas. I had to think of what I could make, what has some sort of meaning to me and what I can make which isn’t to difficult. Then I had to start making it. I changed it up along they way like a rough draft. Then I made the finishing touches which is like the final draft of a paper. I also had to make it look like a bowl of pasta or somewhat like one so people would know what it was even if it wasnt the best looking thing in the world.